Study in UK


The United Kingdom is one of the most popular places for students seeking higher education. The UK has a lot to offer international students, thanks to the high-quality institutions that can be found all throughout the country and that do not compromise on quality.

The advantages of studying in the United Kingdom include:

The United Kingdom’s universities consistently rank among the best in the world, and its diplomas are highly respected and acknowledged across the world.

The United Kingdom is responsible for 5% of global research projects and produces 14% of the world’s most referenced articles.

Students can blend academics and professional pursuits because to the freedom offered by UK institutions.


LONDON : In addition to being the world’s largest financial centre, it is also the world’s second greatest student city. It is the finest place to study because it is home to ten of the best institutions

MANCHESTER: Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England that is home to some of the best universities in the country, including the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, Victoria University, and the University of Salford, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The cost of living is reasonable.

EDINBURGH: Home to Scotland’s royal jewels and the Stone of Destiny, this capital city of Scotland is also home to the University of Edinburgh, one of the world’s top 50 universities.

NEWCASTLE: Known for its stunning architecture and inexpensive cost of living, Newcastle has established itself as one of the finest student cities in the United Kingdom. It is surrounded by a welcoming, diversified community. Newcastle University and Northumbria University are both top-ranked public universities with outstanding nightlife and entertainment options.

BIRMINGHAM: One of the major cities in England’s West Midlands area, featuring historical sites from the Industrial Revolution Era dating back to the 18th century. The city is home to a network of canals, the world-famous Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, as well as prestigious universities such as the University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University, and other colleges.


Students pursuing undergraduate or master’s degrees in the United Kingdom can apply for a Tier 4 UK Student Visa if they have been offered a place on a course by the university or a licenced sponsor, have sufficient funds to cover living expenses and tuition fees, and can speak, read, write, and understand English.

The visa must be sought for six months before to the start of the course. The visa decision is made within three weeks of the application.

A student seeking an undergraduate degree can stay for five years on the tier 4 visa, while those pursuing a master’s degree can stay for two years.

Fees for Visas:

  • The cost of applying for a student visa from outside the UK is £348.
  • £475 to extend or switch to a Student visa from inside the UK
  • International Students with a tier 4 visa are eligible to avail National Health Service (NHS)- an abroad education health cover system if staying for more than 6 months.
  • Students will receive the same benefits as UK citizens
  • Required to pay a health surcharge as part of their visa application fee.