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                      M.A.R Group is the one stop solution for all your international study needs. We have been India’s Leading Overseas Education Consultancy since 2005 and have command on educational opportunities worldwide. Our core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice in regards to pursuing education in overseas institutions. MAR Group provides information regarding higher education in various countries such as Australia, U.S.A  Canada and U.K  Our main aim is to provide the best opportunities to the students for overseas education.

M.A.R Overseas Consultancy was initiated to bring Globalization of Education. It had started a Pioneering effort to ensure that aspiring students across the world have access to quality education. It helps  students  realize the dream of studying in the best universities of USA, Canada, UK and Europe. M.A.R Overseas was established with a mission to bring world-class  education  closer  to students coming from developing countries. In its endeavor to promote education, M.A.R worked towards bringing  international education to the doorstep of  the  students. The thrust  of M.A.R Overseas is mainly directed  for qualified students in the  developing  and third  world  nations to pursue higher education  in  the  fields of  Arts, Humanities, Sciences  and  Technology in America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and other European colleges and universities, which have the best educational  facilities and infrastructure. M.A.R Overseas provides various services such as student counseling, assistance  in document  processing, applying  to institutions, following-up for admission, employment  services, and  visa  applications. M.A.R is committed to promote international education by following professional  and ethical standards. Knowledge has been proven to be powerful enough to bind nations together. Exposure to international  communities  exposes  students  to their customs, traditions, history and culture  that leads to mutual  respect, admiration and ensures peaceful co-existence. As the old adage goes, pen  is mightier than sword- it is very much true, as transfer  and sharing  of  knowledge has brought  a  refreshing  change in the attitude of people of all the countries. In the coming years, we believe  that  international education will be the best way to inculcate global citizen values in every human being.


Extra Facility:

We conduct  IELTS training & PTE  coaching, since  the  last  one  decade  placement  division  head  has been  instrumental  in successfully  conducting  events by  inviting  various  universities  at our  office. We have  skilled  and  experienced  staff  to  teach  the  students  with  hard  work  and  dedication, and they also make sure to monitor  individual  student  performance  to score  higher  in  their  academics.

Career Guidance, Counseling and IELTS Coaching Every year thousands of students enroll with us for student visa process and we make sure that they are provided with the right guidance. Firstly, our experienced team of counselors provides students with one to one counseling & guidance for country, course & college/university selection meeting their expectation. Our aim is to optimize students’

Opportunities by developing proper  Career  pathway for permanent residence in the country of their choice. Similarly, Our  IELTS faculties, in other words, experienced trainers  which ensure that the students don’t hold any doubt in their coaching. This benefit comes up as they are well trained and hold credentials from British Council. Our faculties train the student in the manner where he gains a good hand on all the English language skills and is prepared for international market. All these benefits have resulted in the successful training of students and every year over 2000 students are able to create their career with the help of IELTS coaching with M.A.R Overseas Consultancy.

We organize pre-departure seminars for all our students and even their parents to dispel any doubts or fears before you actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, where to go and who to contact once you have landed. Our relationship does not end once you fly away. It just starts all over again.

Our Objective:

M.A.R Group is a Solution Oriented Company. We  specialize in  advising students & parents on Career Pathway & Higher  Education  Planning. We  tailor  this to individual profiles & constraints. Our operating  philosophy is  “Student  Interest  First”. We implement  this to Non Commercial extremes  when  advising on courses, Universities  or  Career  Pathways. We also provide  assistance  and support  to the  student’s  right  from  the  counseling to the visa  application  process  at  our  office  and  provide them  a righteous guidance  to the  pathway  of their  dreams

Our Vision:

M.A.R Group, a pioneer  in  the  field  of  Global  Education  has  brought  the  concept  of  overseas education  to  the  doorstep  of  every  student. Our excellent branch network,  association  with  leading institutions  worldwide. To be the world’s  leading  overseas  education  consultants  at  guiding  students to  achieve  their  full  potential.

Our Goal :

  •        Fulfill our commitments on time.
  •        Satisfy our students and simplify their process of getting Visa and admission in foreign country.
  •        Provide customized solution and consultancy to all our students.
  •        Provide support that helps them achieve their goals.


  1. Evaluation of profile: The overseas education consultant will first understand the student’s profile and then provide them with the best program possibilities and other career suitable for them. 

    2. Selecting the universityThe expert will help the students find the best university having worldwide recognition and offering excellent education. The expert will help a student take a final decision about the university.  

    3. Admission ProcessingThe experts will help students in filling up their admission form, preparing the financial documents and in applying for a visa. 

    4. Documentsthe expert consultant will convey the requirement of the shortlisted documents well. The consultant will help the students to assemble each document beforehand. They will also take care of the financial aid process, considering every aspect of the students. 

    5. Education Loans:The expert will convey all the information regarding education loan and will help in getting loans and financial aid. 

    6. Statement of Purpose Preparation: The experts will help students prepare an excellent and honest appealing SOP. They are aware of the actual career goal behind your decision about studying abroad and understand the scope of your study area. 

    7. Visa Processing: The consultant will provide detailed information regarding the visa process and help you prepare for the Visa interview as well. The experts are always be updated with the latest requirement, immigration policies and visa checklists. 

    8. Process after getting acceptedOnce the university enrolls or sends an acceptance letter with the student, the experts will still provide the assistance needed like accommodation, lifestyle and managing finance, etc. 

     We are specialized  in  handling  refusal  cases, we  have  good  track  record  in  the  market  for  handling  an  intricate  cases.

We have  more  than  90%  success  rate  for  the  refusal  cases  which  return  to our  consultancy  after knocking  so many  doors, we  feel  challenging  task  to  provide  assistance  and  support  to  this  type  of  cases. At  last  we  feel  proud  after  getting  a  positive  aspirant.

M.A.R Group  Overseas  Consultancy  sending  the  students  to different  countries  at  successful  rate  of  more  than  95%,  Our  service  to  the  students  is  highly  professional  and  dedicated. Our service to the students  is  free  of  cost.

We would  like  to work  with  Your  University, to  provide  the  best  of  the  services  from  us  and  to create great bonding  between  us to achieve  future  goals. It  will  be  highly  appreciated  if  you  allow us to  render  our  services  in  coordinating  your  requirements.

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