SOP Preparation

SOP (Statement of Purpose) is necessary from a student’s end in order to learn the true reason for your decision to study abroad, to grasp the scope of your study area nationally and internationally, and to learn about your academic background. We at M.A. R Groups help students in creating authentic and honest SOPs that are nevertheless attractive.

Processing of Visas

The key to a student’s successful departure to a foreign university is visa processing and visa interviews. M.A. R. Groups Visa team is always up to speed on the newest requirements, immigration rules, and visa checklists. M.A. R. Groups has a database of potential visa interview questions based on the characteristics of the student.

Interview Preparation

Maintain a positive mind-set and complete your homework.

Consider the interview as your last chance to sell yourself. Determine what you want to get out of the interview. Consider how you might build on your strengths while also addressing your weaknesses. In the application essays, be prepared to back up your claims. Good preparation will also help you relax a little during the interview, which will show in your responses. It may be advantageous to position yourself as a detail-oriented individual. It also demonstrates your enthusiasm for the school.